Gearify V1


The way Gearify V1 works is really quite simple.
  1. You design a single gear shape using only a few clicks
  2. You specify a few additional parameters of your choosing
  3. Gearify calculates a matching gear for your original design!
  4. You export the gear designs to a DXF or CSV file as needed to build your physical modal


  • Streamlined user interface
  • Design gears using a variety of methods including point-click, file upload, and mathematical graphing
  • DXF and CSV import/export
  • Calculate a variety of gear types including internal/external, symmetrical, planetary, and (soon) rack and pinion
  • Fast and stable. Produces complex designs in a matter of seconds


Please read the User Manual or check out our YouTube Channel and you'll be making gears in no time!