Non-circular Gear Creation Software for Windows

Gearify V2 will be coming soon! See video below for a status update:

Gearify allows you to design gear mechanisms of nearly any shape!
Don't believe it? Check out the Gallery, watch the videos or download the free demo!

Featured User Created Videos by Oskar Puzzle:
"Gearify is a great tool to easily investigate the world of non-circular gears. There are endless combinations of non-circular gears than can be used today as key components in new mechanisms and machines; Gearify is superb for investigating such cases. Additionally, Gearify is suited to hobbyist and tinkerers to help produce the one-in-a-world mechanism. Gearify has its own Astronomer for designing and producing planetary gear trains with non-circular gears. Astronomer enables extreme motion characteristics not achieved before that may lead to new widgets, mechanisms, and machines." Dr. David B. Dooner
Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
Author of Kinematic Geometry of Gearing

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10